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S23 E1: "Survival"

Alexis Miché - Season 23 Collection


Episode 1: The Dedication // "Survival"

This season of my life has tested me in ways I've never experienced before. The challenges have shown me what I'm capable of. Surviving this season has undoubtedly strengthened my faith in preparation for the future. 


Medium: Ink on paper

Size: 8x10" framed

Release: 01.23.22


All sales are final. This piece is an original framed, signed and dated. Shipping and tax rates are included. International orders may be subject to additional fees. Orders ship within 7-10 business days. 


All content and artwork remains copyright of Alexis Miché and may not be copied, modified or reproduced in any form; and may not be for commercial use without written permission. 

S23 E1: "Survival"

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